Woman with blond hair wearing a tan nevada style hat, blue button up jean blouse and black May Babes riding breeches laughs while her chestnut horse wearing a hackamore bridle tries to nuzzle her face.

May Babes began out of necessity. 

After a the delivery of my second child, I wanted to get back to intentional movement, and I was on a mission.

I didn't want to wear my normal leggings with the endless layers and bunching and multiple seams and moving parts any longer. I didn't want the comfort of full coverage underwear with the unflattering shape and riding up. I didn't want to wear my comfortable thongs and the lines on my fuller hips that came with them. I knew other women had this issue as well! So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I sewed the very first sling into a pair of leggings late in May of 2018, and never looked back. 

As I transitioned into active motherhood with two children I realized my breeches were part of this problem. The sense of self I had kept throughout my life, pregnancies and birth was my identity as a horse girl. I had created a solution for my workout leggings and decided it was time to tackle my favorite sport: riding. There's a quote, "The greatest teacher always sends you back to yourself." (by N. Waheed) This is something I firmly believe is true with being an equestrian. Our horses always propel us to look within and ultimately they are the guide to change ourselves and push to change our surroundings. If you are not comfortable or your best self in the saddle, your horse knows. My horse knew. She guided me to find a solution. 

It set me on a course of design and patenting (also mistakes, hiccups, and fighting for something that only few believed in). But those hurdles only made me put my heels down more. 

I want more than anything-for you, for women and mothers to be active, whatever that might mean to the individual. To throw out the abelism we've been fed since childhood. I want YOU to find intentional movement you enjoy, freedom in the moments of clarity that come from long rides, peaceful walks, pulse firing competition. To set your own personal parameters that make you happy, without comparison. Find the moments where your thoughts settle. Movement that makes your soul happy.

Thankfully the tide is beginning to change and more options are available to those who need more than what has been deemed acceptable in the past. I believe that the future of apparel for bodies in any variety of motion is here. And it isn't going anywhere.

xEm, Founder May Babes