Life is a wild ride, right? While speaking with a business mentor today (shout out to Kelly at Avenue Equestrian) the realization that 2023 is close to coming to an end really stuck with me. It made me think of what is to come and how we got to where we are now.

The word that came to mind with this awareness is DESERVING. A lot of us are great at speaking kindly to and about our horses, speaking freely about the life they deserve for their contribution to our lives. What about ourselves? What about you?

 ****Once we accept our own basic worthiness we cannot help but see the basic worthiness of every other human.

You are deserving of quality friends, quality loved ones, and from our point of view: you are deserving of products that make you feel good. Products that bring value to your life, make you comfortable and aid your confidence in the saddle. Things that you can wear that bring you joy, that make you feel individual. Those are the types of products I am working hard to create, and continue with in the future.

We do not make products to sell you a spot in a dreamy, aspirational life. No.

We make products that make you want to live yours more fully, and be there with you for a long a time.

Why do I tell you this now? Well, the closing of 2023 means the closing of a year that was a grind for a lot of good people. Many of us or people we hold dear are not feeling themselves due to the state of the world and the last thing on their mind unfortunately is that they are worthy of the good things in life. For us here, the close of 2023 brings about change and new beginnings, lots of feelings about milestones met, goals that need recalibrating as well as curiosity of what the future holds. The end of 2023 contains more of what we think is deserving of your time-the debut of the Pinstripe blouse, and Wild Rags. The yet un-named garment is 1/4 zip black and off-white pinstriped, collared technical bloouse. The long awaited Wild Rags I have teased also make their first appearance. 

The Wild Rags are made of imported 100% silk Habotai, a lightweight natural fiber known for its temperature regulating properties. The kicker is that they will be hand dyed using eco-friendly and non toxic dye here in the USA. As a partially made to order product, the lead time will be a few days, but 100% worth the wait.

In 2024, we have the Suede saddle seat cover arriving in the beginning of the new year, as well as a breeches restock in different colors.

The Off Course breeches were our stand out product this year, with the compressive but but airy technical fabric stealing the hearts of ammy's and professionals alike.

There may be leather full seat breeches in early 2024, too. Why not lift the lid on a few more-gloves, belts and chaps will show up for you in 2024 as well. There is one other product in the works, but the lid remains shut on that one ;)

Before 2023 comes to a close, I want to take the time to put out into the universe what I feel that you deserve. You deserve quality, valuable pieces that last season after season as much as I believe deep down that May Babes deserves to be the brand who brings those ideas to life for you. 

Let us not play small in 2024, right? I want you all to join me in BIG moves. But not in the traditional sense. Whether that means scary challenges or no challenges, getting out there or staying where you feel safe, I hope all that you work toward is realized and you get what you want and need. Putting in work will be a theme that we take from 2023 into 2024, but that doesn't mean that your goals need to be the same.

I am constantly reminded in times of hardship, no matter minuscule or a mountain of the C.S. Lewis quote, "Courage, dear heart." So if recognizing what you deserve or are worthy of in this life frightens you, I implore you to see the courage and heart (again, not too differently than how we speak of our horses!) that resides inside of you.

Whatever it is, you are worthy of it. 


xEm x May Babes Equestrian