May Babes® first of its kind built-in underwear in leggings for horseback riding

Welcome! This blog is for you. Actually, our entire business is for you.

We wanted to start a blog because our products are different, which means our customers are different. You're an information person, a gatherer of knowledge. We know this because if you weren't you wouldn't have multiple types of hoof abscess treatments lined up in your brain ready for distribution at all times for your fellow equestrians. You wouldn't remember who your top 5 childhood riding idols were, if you didn't store facts in that brain of yours. We are the same. We also- above all else- want to be connected to you, and share with you the inner workings of May Babes. 

We are always pushing the envelope for customers. Feedback from our community stirred back into the mix of design and development. We care about the comradery, respect and gratitude within the unique relationship of customer and company. We hold in esteem both the opinions AND support of our believers and promise to always stay true to evolving our apparel and design work. Our greatest joy is in the hard work of listening to what you, our customer, needs and feel is missing from equestrian apparel. 

We seek out the best materials for our products, the best hands for creation and the best hearts to get our message into the world. We’re the expert in our products, but we are also eternal learners. 

Our products (as of this moment, black riding leggings and what we call pull on riding breeches...but so much on the horizon!) are made with a few things in mind: To save you time and energy on the little things (like undergarments!) and not so little (comfort and function) that add up to a lot within your busy life. Our mission is to bring about the evolution of change within the equestrian anthemic apparel realm for women.

We want an open dialogue, and a way to share with you what is happening, what is being developed, created and dreamt up. 

Please email us, we love to hear from you. 

So there you have it.

We are for the horse lover, and we appreciate you all. 

For fun, here are some old photos from the past 4 years of design and development and patent work: